When I was younger I was self conscious
as I had mildly hairy hands and fingers.

I would pluck the thicker darker hairs out
every so often.

Now the hair in those areas is even thicker
and darker. Sometimes I pluck them out
in order to give a more natural effect, but
obviously they grow back stronger and more

It’s becoming more noticable and annoying.
My arms are relatively hairy, but I’m not
too bothered. I would like to reduce the
unnatural looking hairs on my hands and

I am not looking to completely remove
large patches of hair - this would look
ridiculous, just to return to a more natural

Does anyone have any advice?

I have heard that laser treatment can reduce
the thickness of hair. Is this reduction
permanent/long lasting?

Are there any other suggestions?

Thanks for your help,


with laser, you can’t “blend” and regulate which areas get reduced patches etc. you would be better off getting electrolysis unless you want to get rid of most of the hair. Electrologists do the blending very well.