does anyone have olive colored skin and dark black hair and had success or is having success with electroloysis in michigan? i was first considering laser with lightsheer but now im not sure if that’s the route i want to go. i just don’t want the health risks that people are talking about on this forum or the stimulated hair growth, what would be the point of having hair removal done,quite expensively, if it doesn’t even work out…? well please feel free to comment or advise me anyone and everyone thanks !! ~eroca

the “health risks” that people are having is not verifiable. One person claims to have aging problems because of the laser but its hard to accuse laser of that. They really don’t know what complications it can cause later in life but until hundreds of ex-laser users start complaining about early aging problems its hard to say its a complication of laser.
Electrolysis won’t matter with skin color or hair color. Hair is hair and the science of electrology will destroy that hair.