if i have dark skin on my body and light skin on my face but i’m thinking about have laser done on my face and body parts of it anyway…is this a good idea? i mean i don’t want scars or pitting. my doctor also put me on aldactarone and i was wondering if this is something that people who have laser done usually take? the lady i saw for a consultation told me that many people take this while getting treatments of sheerlight laser treatments and that it’s perfectly fine to take and will help better the results she also wants to charge me like 4000dollars for 6 treatments, well the exact quote she gave me was actually 3,700. that seems awfully high. is this a normal price range for 6 treatments? thanks…any advice/suggestions are welcome ~~~eroca <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />

i forgot to add the hairs that i want treated are black but some are light too but for the most part the ones i want removed most are dark black ones thanks again

don’t do it. in my opinion, any practitioner who promises you good results on dark skin and/or light hair is a crook. save your money and you skin and go see an electrologist. i have light olive-toned skin on my face and thick black hair. the first few treatments worked very well. the hair that was left was much finer and lighter in colour. laser has been ineffective on those. electrolisys, on the other hand, is working very well.

good luck.

Laser can work on you just fine for dark hair, but not light. Since you have a dark skin you need to find a practioner with a Nd-Yag laser. It works for any skin type, but it is painfull, so use emla or LMX-4.