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Doubt anyone might know but here goes…
Does propecia(finasteride) have any effect on laser hair removal? Im currently having my chest done , using propecia and thought it might derail that effort


Propecia is an anti-androgen. These drugs taken in high enough doses can reduce tesosterone levels, which can cause androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness.

Androgens can make susceptible head hair fall out, but it has the opposite effect on body hair. Anti-androgens at high enough doses can reduce body hair, but at those doses it often has unwanted feiminizing side effects that are unwelcome in males (breast growth, reduced sex drive and sexual function, etc.).

There are no studies comparing laser results for those on anti-androgens, but it certainly should not hurt efficacy. It will probably help, although minimally at low doses.

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Andrea you have confused me now…If propecia is taken to grow hair and is FDA approved and your saying it ENHANCES male pattern baldness, is that not ironic ?


Does Propecia alter hair growth cycles? If so and it causes a larger percentage of follicles to go into the anagen stage it would make laser treatments more effective and maybe fewer treatments would be required to remove all or most of the hair.

Since we’re taking about the effects of drugs, what about Rogaine (minoxidil)? Oral minoxidil, originally used to treat hypertension, was found to cause growth of excessive body hair. How would it affect laser treatments?

I believe that the laser treatmemts are probably not affected adversely by either drug. And like Andrea said, they may even help, especially if they can induce or prolong growth stages.



Sorry about the confusion. Let me try again.

Androgens cause head hair to fall out in susceptible people.

Androgens cause body hair to grow more in susceptible people.

Finasteride is an anti-androgen. By reducing the amount of androgens, it can sometimes increase head hair and decrease body hair.

Finasteride taken at high doses will definitely reduce body hair over the course of a few years, but higher doses usually have unwanted side effects in men. For example, finasteride is often prescribed to male-to-female transsexuals who wish to feminize their bodies.

The doses of finasteride in Propecia do not usually cause these side effects, but if you read the contraindications, you will see it discusses the possibility of male breast growth (gynecomastia), sexual dysfunction, etc.


Sorry Andrea , i misread what you wrote.You are correct like usual !

Anyway i dont think Propecia or Rogaine have minimal or any effect Mike since the doses or so low so i wouldnt worry about it.If anything Propecia will help with laser hair removal :smile:


RJC, minoxidil and finasteride have both been shown to affect head hair growth, but they work by different mechanisms. Finasteride blocks androgens, where minoxidil appears to dilate capillaries. Both seem to encourage hair growth on the head.

Because male pattern baldness is something many men will commit massive amounts of money toward, the market has focused on the results of minoxidil on head hair. Less is known about its effect on body hair.


Thanks Andrea for clearing that up :smile:

Ok so propecia is an anti-androgen…

Can you give me examples of ANDRAGENS ?
So i can stay away from them LOL


Mike, I understand your concerns! :wink:

Androgens are a good thing usually. Both men and women produce androgens, but men usually produce much much more, starting at puberty. Probably the most familiar androgen is testosterone. The word “androgen” is from the Greek word for “man,” because they give the body characteristics usually associated more with men: more muscles, more body hair, deeper voice, sex drive.

An anti-androgen reduces testosterone and other masculinizing hormones. This can help some people, because these hormones can worsen things like hair loss, prostate cancer, and other stuff if you have elevated levels.

It’s all WAY more complicated than this, which is why hair removal is so hard to deal with and has so many variables.

So, in summary, androgens are a good thing for men and women, but you can have too much of a good thing. That’s when an anti-androgen can be helpful to reduce testosterone and other androgens. :smile:

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Andrea thanks so much for the info !

You are a DOLL ! :smile:


Thanks for the clarification.