Hey… I really want to have a lot of my hair removed almost everywhere… but right now I just started on the stomach… the whole thing… its not like guys hair… but its still like the whole stomach I have to get rid of… and I really want to do other places besides the stomach… The electrologist said it is hard to say how long it will take… but I really wanna know if it takes years? I am so impacient and really want to be a model and I can’t wait years for just one area when there are more to be done… Is is possible for it to take less? I heard 9 months maybe? I know its a large area but what if I go a lot? I know you’d have to see me to tell but does anyone have an estimate or any advice? I really want it all gone… I’ve been shaving for way too long now… ahhhh… I hope it works out!! Thanks =) XoXo

I wish I had a magic wand for you.
As you have obviously read here already, it takes at least 9 months for full permanence to take place. What I think you have missed however, is the ability to look as if you are finished long before you actually are.

Since your electrologist may be able to remove hairs long before you are capable of seeing them, once you catch up to the growth phase, you could just get on a mainenance schedule and keep those hairs in check and out of sight.

This kind of thing requires an electrologist capable of lots of work over long periods of time. Newer equipment that gives better vision, makes lots of work in one area, and more frequent appointments possible is a real plus in this endeavor.

In most cases, utilizing thermolysis, you are no more than 6 hours of treatment from first clearance. After that, maintaining that look just requires consistency.

Hey… Thanks so much! =) I can’t wait till it’s all cleared… I hate how it looks after I get it done though… like all the red dots and stuff =( It will probably be worth it in the end I hope… Thanks =)

James – how general is that “6 hours to first clearance” figure? Are you basically just saying that in most cases, any area can be cleared in 6 hours by a competent electrologist?

The original post asked about a very specific area. The belly area, not even the whole chest and belly, just the belly.

In thermolysis, backs and chests can often be cleared out the first time in 12 hours or less, then one can maintain that clearance, or enjoy a certain level of reduction in the number of hairs growing in the area.