Hey… I was just wonderin… I want to start going for electrolysis soon. I want to get a lot tho… my stomach, face, back… maybe later on if this doesnt take forever my arms and anywhere else. But is there anyway I could do my stomach, face and back in a year? Is it really all gonna go away? It seems like it will take foever and that it would be too large of an area to get done. Will there ever be an end to the treatment? I started getting my stomach done 2 years ago but only went like twice cuz it was leaving so much scabbing or scars or some dots. I want to finish it tho. Has anyone had all there hair removed successfully? K thanks!!! Good Luck Everyone! =)

See on how to tell a good electrologist. Then have as many trial appointments in your area as you can to apply that knowledge. It doesn’t have to be as bad as you describe.

It also depends on the type and quantity of hair that you need removed. Sometimes it goes really quick, but I have to see you to tell.

In any case, it works. You just have to find someone who will make it work for you.

Where are you located? Maybe someone in this forum can refer you.

Good luck.

I can answer your last question, Tray. Yes, I have had large areas of hair removal with electrolysis performed and it has been done successfully and PERMANENTLY with no other treatment necessary for 25 years. I have enjoyed hair-free arms, legs (bottom to top), underarms and facial areas for all of these 25 years. I report this to you as a consumer because I was NOT an electrologist when I had these areas worked on. My success is the reason I became an electrologist several years after receiving such excellent results. I love be totally free of disguising a hair problem.

YB is directing you very well. However, I would add one thing, just to give you an option to explore. It appears that some consumers with large areas to treat like have had success with using laser first off and then combining electrolysis to their efforts to get a start on removing returning hair or hair that won’t respond to laser. Doing both will be expensive, but it MAY get you to your goals faster. It’s a gamble though, so keep your expectations realistic.


Hey… Thankssss for the replies! I know someone good to go too… Hopefully Fino or his sons or one of them will do it =) Hopefully it doesn’t take yearssssss lol… I’m so impacient… thankss! Hopefully it works out!! =)