I’m 16 and I’m a girl. I have hair on my thighs. I use to shave it but I don’t anymore, I just use Nair. And I’m tired of it, I freakin hate hair. I want to get laser hair removal. I’m just wondering if I should get it or is this just a hormonal thing.

One cannot tell for sure when it’s a hormonal thing or not without proper tests. If you do not have any other symptoms (are your periods regular?), there is no reason to suspect pathology with very mild hirsutism. How much area would you say is covered by the hair?
In any case, I would recommend electrolysis as a permanent solution. It’s tricky, however, to find a good practitioner. They range from totally uneffective that will damage your skin to electrolysis gods who will have you finished in shortest time possible with minimum discomfort. Of course, there also are all the shades in between the two. Look at and read this forum (use search) on tips how to find your best electrologist.
Also don’t forget to post your experiences. You may learn a lot by asking questions here.