I am having the sides of my face cleared this Friday and maybe a few strays scattered about my face too.My question is, by Saturday should the lil"dots" be gone?I do not have dark hairs nor are they too awful course…just a lil bit =) I am going to a big birthday party though saturday night and going to see alot of friends from out of town…will I look normal by the next night of it Im having it done in the morning.thanks :roll_eyes:

It depends more on your skin type than your hair type.
It won’t be anything horrible anyways if there is anything.

You should be fine, but please post your results here after.

I definitely plan on doing that, this is a great website.My skin type is very light an I dunno but I think it will be ok especially if I just throw some makeup on or something…Thanks alot=)

Be careful with the makeup so soon after having a treatment. I would leave it off for 24-48 hours afterwards so as to not take the risk of infecting the newly treated site or get fresh makeup, perferably medicated makeup, if you absolutely have to wear some.