Abdomen 30 min. to 5 hours $50-$450

Are those times right? Now, I didn’t have much on my back, but I was considering it on my chest, and she said that it would take 18 months with at least one visit a week.

The time and cost to complet hair removal are very individual and can not be distilled to a chart like this. One needs to know how many hairs are in the area one wants removed, how fast YOUR electrologist can work in that area, and how frequent YOU can visit the electrologist. In the early going, you will need long visits, close together to get to first clearance as soon as possible. Later short visits spread far apart will be all that is needed. After that that question becomes “Just how much do you want your electrologist to nit-pick on the level of bareness you want?” I have clients who want all the hair you can see, and the ones no one but me can see as well. If you are estimating the point at which no one can see anything from normal talking distance away, you will have a much lower threshold than looking for what an ant’s eye view will uncover.

Needing to answer those questions is why no electrologist usually anwers the question, “But how much will it cost?” on the phone. We could only give vague guestimates of averages that have nothing to do with what YOUR PERSONALLY will be needing. For that we need to see you, and the exact hair you will be having removed.

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