Question to Pro's about BLEACH

As a man I have some annoying very fine dark hairs on the outside of my earlobe.
Not too bad but still a couple I would just like to ‘hide’

So I was thinking of bleaching them as I have seen how it works in real life and that could be a good solution.

However my fear is this: I know as a FACT that disruptng vellus hairs can kick them into terminals, I have experienced it on other parts of my body.
Does bleach dirupt the very small vellus hairs as for example eating them away? I do NOT in any way want to disrupt any vellus hairs on my ears so I would like to know if it is safe to use bleach and not have hairs become stronger…

Personally, I don’t think I have experienced this.

I have been bleaching my face and neck every week for the last 10 years.

Bleaching only affects the hairs outside of the skin - it doesn’t disrupt growth in any way.

Bleaching is an excellent way to make dark hairs a little less noticeable.

Believe me, shaving vellus hairs outside of the skin can kick them into terminals. That is why I ask.

And ANYONE who doesn’t believe my statement…If you are so sure and a man? Shave the vellus hairs on your ear shells, I dare you!

So that is why I ask…I do not want the bleach eat away the vellus hairs which makes them stronger…

You feel strongly about your observations regarding your shaving outcome even though research concludes otherwise, so I am hesitant to advise you to go ahead and bleach with the certainty that bleaching won’t cause the vellus hairs on your ear shells to become terminal. As luck would have it, the coincidence part could click in, just after you start bleaching, making you believe that bleaching is responsible for the new terminal hairs.

The ear shells are not the problem.
It is just some fine hairs on the lobes.

I am just daring anyone who doesn’t believe me to use themselves as a test case and shave your ear shells for a couple of weeks and see yourself what happens.

I bet you don’t dare to do it which means you’re not so sure after all.
If you are, you wouldn’t mind shaving them off to prove your point.

If I had vellus hairs on my ear shells :grin: or lobes, I would take your dare gladly and would shave or bleach, sit back and observe and then report. Any takers out there/ Take a look at your ear shells, be brave and shave!

Ear shells? Can you describe that a little, so I’m sure I’m understanding what I think you are talking about.

Haha we call it ear shells in Dutch.

It is just the the large shell apart from the lobes.
Men have vellus hairs on them all over.

I dare any guy here to shave it for like 3 weeks or something and report back.
If you’re so confident nothing will happen, because ‘science’ says so, prove it!

I am fully convinced the vellus hairs will kick into terminals.
Prove me wrong.

It is curious, my grandfather never shaved and the hair in his ears and in his nose they could be seen to a mile of distance.

Certainly that some of the hair in the lobe of your ear will turn into terminal hair. This will happen, if you shave, as if not and if you bleach, as if not.

And some hair in your eyebrows will acquire extraordinary dimensions, and the hair inside your nostrils, but this is not a consequence of the shaved. It is the implacable passage of time.

To be really specific here, what is the age limit for this experiment. Can I recruit an eighteen year old male to shave?


Let me give you an example here:

My hair growth is EXACTLY the same as my father’s. My posture is also the same. It is unbelievable how much we look a like.

My father is of Mediterranean descent, so more hairy :wink:

My dad (and my uncle) warned me as a young teen not to shave against the direction of hair growth on your face as the blade will also catch the small vellus hairs and you will have more hairs.
Stubburn as I was, I shaved a part of the face against the hair direction because this way it was easier to get all the hairs there…Guess what, I got patchy hair growth at the EXACT spots where I had shaved against the direction of the hairs for a while…Up to this day I have dense hair growth there and nowhere else.
After I stopped shaving against the direction of the hair growth my face hair growth became stable.

Then, also as a teen, I was swimming with my dad. I noticed the hairs on his abdomen. He said “I was so stupid to shave down there and after every shave thicker and longer hairs started to grow”
I only have a hair line between the belly button and pubic hair. He had exactly the same hair growth but now his whole abdomen are full of hair. So I listened to him and didn’t touch it ever…Up to this day I do not have any hair growth there…

Maybe science has only tested on full European caucasian people…I don’t know but I am convinced shaving does have an effect in some people.
I am a scientist myself, a PhD in Neuro-Psychology. I know the importance of empirically based research and proof. But I do not blind myself by stating that science is absolute.
In the case of hair, I think we people do not know enough and I really think that hair is not physically dead. I think there is some sort of communication going on between the hair cells and the follicle. At least in some people of some descent, like my father and me…
I am utterly convinced that if I was to shave my earlobes, they would be covered in thick terminal hairs within no time…I don’t know why, but I do know my body has this reaction towards it…

So to get back to the experiment. Sure an 18 year old is fine. Make sure you shave the person at least a couple of weeks and report back what happened…