Question regarding after care

I would like to know what everyone here recommends specifically for after care (especially James). What I am currently doing is using witchhazel followed by neosporin cream. It works fine for me but what I am concerned about is the rest of my face. Normally I use proactiv but I don’t want to put that on areas that have been treated. I have ordered some tea tree oil as James suggests. My skin reacts well to treatment and feels completely normal in less than two days but I sometimes get the small whiteheads. What I am wanting to know is what everyone uses specifically like to wash their face and what anyones uses in place of neosporin to facilitate healing. I have no problem with it but I understand a lot of people say you shouldn’t use it. I do use the cream and not the regular neosporin but I don’t know if that is any different. Any input is appreciated!

If you have used neosporin and not had a reaction, congratulations. Don’t worry about it.

We don’t recommend it here because there are so many people who ARE allergic, or sensitive to it, and the time to find out that you are one of these people is certainly NOT when your face is already compromised from electrology treatments!

Since the reaction can be as harsh as weeping scars as your skin experiences a harsh immune responce, you just don’t want to go there without previously establishing your ability to use the product on an ongoing basis.

The overwhelming majority of people have no sensitivity to Tea Tree Oil and it helps in so many other ways. Most people who do have any sensitivity to Tea Tree Oil just need to purchase the higher grade product, and just can’t use the cheaper lower quality distillations.

my electrologist has recommended a cream, “azulen paste” which is rich is azulene and zinc oxide. i have found that it helps a lot to keep the skin clean and free from white heads and other impurities.