Question re facial hair

I have been using nair on my upper lip for about five years. I recently have noticed that even though I nair you can still see a faint shawdow of hair, almost as if I still had a moustache. Is there anything you can recomend for this? I am dark skinned w/ dark hair.

Hi carmanlee

This is not an easy one. I think a pro like James W will help you here. Nair is not a miracle product either and despite long use it may produce no results at all. I am not sure of your age, but after 5 years you may be experiancing simple increased hair growth on the upper lip. Once again my reccomendation is a professional opinion, as you have dark skin and some treatments may cause scarring or other unsightly effects.


You may not want to hear this, but electrolysis is your only hope at this point. Your hairs have become thick and dark enough that even broken off at the surface, they show through the skin. At this poing, the only thing that will leave you looking bare faced with no shadow, or visible hair beneath the surface is electrolysis or plucking/waxing/threading. Of course, any plucking style solution will also lead to even thicker, darker, more distorted hair follicles and maybe ingrown hairs as well.

Go for the permanent solution.

Hi there,

My sister has a severe problem of unwanted facial hair. She is fair skinned (asian indian) with thick dark facial hair. She has tried electrolysis as well as laser hair removal but the hair seems to grow back as soon as she stops the therapy. Also, the therapy is so expensive that it’s difficult to continue with it. Is there anything you would suggest that she can do on her own to address the problem? She is very frustrated as her kids have started noticing the hair and that makes her all the more concious. I was researching into electric tweezer for her but this forum advises against it. Would really appreciate your help and advise.

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How many treatments did she have with electrolysis and how far apart were her sessions? What kind or electrolysis was used? Did someone actually insert a probe into individual hair follicles?

What was the name of the laser she used and how many treatments did she have? Were the treatments spaced properly? Was enough power used?

For both modalities,laser and electro, the client and the practitioner work and communicate closely together to time visits just right so that all anagen or growing hair is treated. If you don’t follow an advised plan for at least a year, you won’t see anything happening. Also, if the practitioner does not have skill and knowledge enough to advise you properly, you won’t see positive results.

For facial hair, electrolysis can handle this situation very well, when done properly. For some women,especially darker skinned women, there have been reports of hair actually being stimulated to grow and one can end up with more hair than when they started, rather than less.

Knowing the risks and track record of both laser and electrolysis is a good thing to understand before one starts the process. Then one will begin sessions having decided with all the information they need. There will be no surprises about time, money, patience and side effect factors when one does their homework first.

If your sister decides that neither electrolysis or laser suits her desires, then she will have to resort to the temporary measures available such as waxing, threading, sugaring, hair disolvers, plucking, shaving, clipping…?

But be warned, some of these temporary measures can serve to worsen a facial hair problem.

If you know more about her past laser and electrolysis process, then maybe we can help you discover what might have been missing in the process that set her up for failure. It may not be anything on the process side of things or practitioner failure, but rather it could be her hormonal condition is causing more hair to be stimulated. Medical consultation would be her first step so as to discover if she is in a balanced hormonal state, or not?


Dear Dee,

Thanks for your response, I’ll ask her and get in touch with you asap. Seems she is frustrated because the treatments are very expensive and asked me if there is something she can do herself that would be as effective in hair removal.

Thanks and will be in touch soon.


Hi Carmanlee

My suggestion so far, is that until you find a permanent solution, daily shaving is the best hope. Try an electric with a good reputation. The Phillips / Norelco with moisturiser is the best I have found so far.