Question re: Aurora - Syneron - Anesthetics Required?

I’ve used the Diode, for which topical anesthesia is highly recommended, and the alexandrite Gentle Laze, which sprays a cryogen mist over your skin before each zap, which freezes it and thus numbs it.

The cryogen mist was such a blessing; no more rubbing nasty numbing medicine and waiting at least an hour for it to take effect, while wrapped in plastic.

Does the Aurora require any anesthetics? Or does it also freeze/numb the skin?

The diode had a “cool tip” but still hurt incredibly, unless you used anesthetics. They cryogen emitted from the Gentel laze made it virtually PAINLESS-- no exageration. It was relaxing!

with the Aurora, numbing agent is optional. But I didn’t find the pain too bad and I had it on a very hight setting.

Does an anesthetic have any affects on your skin after the treatment (make it red, swell)? Is there a danger that the practitioner will use a very high setting because you are “handling” the treatment well under anesthestic?

yes, it’s hard for the tech to tell if they’re burning you with anesthetic. the posts above are old, most machines now come with a cooling setting. also, GentleLASE is supposed to hurt as well if high enough settings are used to actually kill the hair. with the person above, I would have to say the settings used were too low if the treatment was that comfortable for him.(which are a waste of time btw)