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As you know, I have been in search of a competent practitioner for fine hair and wanting to ensure that the tools are right. So far no luck, I know I was recently tweezed. My girlfriend just called me hysterical because she had a nightmare experience, her skin is very damaged. My question is what do you look for to prevent yourself from getting pitted?? Can you get pitted after one or two visits?? It seems like she did…and what would you avoid, someone who gives you scabs, old equipment, etc…?? Last question…Is it an automatic thing with electrolysis that your pores will be enlarged, how do you prevent that??? Is blend gentler to the skin??? Thanks for your help.

Good question, I’m also interested in that, I’m going for electro next week.

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I am going for a new consult soon, any assistance from some practitioners or clients who have had success and no skin damage would be appreciated, trying to arm myself with knowledge. Thanks.

Was hoping for some feedback before my consultation. Thanks…

I only have experience with blend electrolysis, but can say from my experience and reading that:

  • Thermolysis typically makes scabs or crusts that are slower to heal than with the blend method. This does not mean it’s more likely to yield permanent scarring.

  • Overtreatment leads to more scabbing and scarring. One guideline for the blend method is that the scabs be no more than about 1 mm across and not joining. My experience with low angle, large, and deep follicles, such as in the pubic area, result in elliptical scabs several mm in their longest dimension. That, to me, is extreme.

  • In any event, most scarring and hyperpigmentation fades over six months to a year. One effect that can result in permanent scarring is when the the scar tissue joins to form wrinkles, such as in the upper lip.

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Your pores don’t enlarge, however, since they are now empty, one might think that they are, since one is looking into an empty hole instead of seeing the hair sticking out.

Scabbing is not something that happens as a matter of course for every treatment. Any scabs one has should go away quickly, and any pigmentation should fade in 3 weeks to 3 months.

Sorry that my recent vacation has left me unavailable for questions. I also apologize on behalf of the profession as a whole for the fact that your questions were not answered by any other CPE’s during this time. :frowning:

Well I went for my 1hr treatment today and it went pretty good. I had laser done already and it didn’t really do anything so now I’m trying electro. It hurt a lot less than laser for me. It fet like a prick or something like if you were tweezing sometimes. I had a few red bumps afterwards but after 5 hrs most of them have disappeared.