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…or anyone else.

I would like to know if this is possible.

Say you have 2 hairs exiting out of 1 pore and my goal is to keep 1 and kill the other.Can this be done ?

I was thinking if 1 of the hairs is plucked and the other is treated immediately after…mission accomplished ? What would happen in that scenerio ?

Thanks guys.

I’m not a 100% sure why you would only want one hair in each follicle to be gone…lol. But I did have alot of 2 and 3 hair follicles when i first started my electrolysis and by my next treatment there were not as many…It does help on the ingrowns and makes shaving alot less painful. So to answer your question I think it is possible to a certain extent, but there is no gaurentee which hair you would be treating each time so maybe not. But if your goal is to thin out the hair you have then I think the answer would be yes that would work. But why not just get cleared a few times then just pick every second hair to do. Hope that helped a bit. :confused:

If I haven’t missed my guess, I would say this question is related to removing the multiple hairs that come from hair plugs and grafts.

Although one can insert into the path of one of the many hairs springing from a folicular bundle, one can not know if one will kill off the entire thing, or just one or two, or weaken some or all of the hairs growing in the bundle.

Of course, treating at least one of the hairs in the bundle is probably the best course of action, since it would lessen the number of hairs petruding from the plug.

We electrologists do this kind of work all the time.

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