Question: Insertions on Telogen vs. Anagen?

To you pros out there:

What insertions do you do on telogen hairs? Many of us do-it-yourselfers have encountered hairs that appear to have a very shallow follicle - these are telogen hairs, in their resting state, and the hair is anchored with a tiny ball near the surface.

Do you plunge the probe past this anchoring ball, to full anagen depth, as Bono recommends?

Or do you leave it shallower?

Your insight, as always, most appreciated.

Hi Eric.

There’s not much moisture in those hard white bulbs found in telogen hairs. Electrolysis modalities work on moisture principles as you know. I do go a little deeper into the follicle in the hope of whacking a new hair that might be developing beneath the telogen hair and then I come a little closer to the surface and zap again to release the telogen. I do see a certain amount of tombstones in future treatments, so this strategy seems to work well. I read the skin closely, though, because one is close to that perilous zone when trying to release a telogen. That’s why teloscopic lenses or stero microscope vision is great because you can see if the skin is reacting in a troublesome way very early on and lower the intensity.


Thanks, Dee. I hate it when the probe comes to a stop about a third of the normal depth - it’s hard to tell whether it’s a telogen hair or the insertion angle is wrong.