question for Tiny...or serious one touchers

Hi, I’m a hairy guy…cant stand it. I got the one touch a week ago. Since then I have set out on a mission to destroy these hairs! I have started w my chest, but would like to do my arms as Tiny did. I have lots of long black hairs covering my stomach and chest…LOTS!! Well within the first 7 days I have cleared apx an 1/8 of my entire chest. I’m pretty sure I’m getting a good treatment most of the time as I get the whole white part with the lil black ball at the bottom etc. It has been A LOT of work…but I can see progress…if only it would stay like that forever!!Let me say I also shaved my chest two weeks ago so the hairs were at a length I could cope with…MY QUESTION IS, I can see tiny lil hairs starting to grow in-between the hairs I treated…iis this another crop that I will have to remove? How many times will this happen till none show up? I know these are some basic questions. Tiny when you did your arms were they just done forever the first time you cleared them? Great thanks in advance for any responses…got to get back to killn those hairs

If you are seeing new hairs within a few weeks of treatment those are new hairs just popping up that havent been treated.

Each area of the body varies but i think the % of hairs in the growing phase(anagen) ranges from 10-40% which means there is more hairs beneath the surface then hairs that are visable.

Personally i could never use the one touch to treat very large areas like you.One would have to be extremely dedicated because it is so tedious and back-breaking work.I use it for touchups like eyebrows,reshaping my beard,etc.

But at least it seems like you are doing proper treatments(white sheath coming out intact)because all that work for not would suck.

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Congratulations on your progress. To determine treatment success, rather than how much of the bulb comes out, govern how much force it takes to remove the hair (it should slide out with practially no force).

Hairs in between other hairs will need to be treated when they are large enough to be worked on. Sometimes multiple hairs will exit the same pore, even though their roots are separate, giving the appearance that the hair was never successfully treated. Some hairs will not be treated completely and you will need to hit them again when they grow back.

My experience showed a 90% permanent success rate for those hairs that were thought to be treated successfully (unsuccessful ones will obviously grow back). If you keep at it, you’ll see a 70-90% permanent loss over 3 to 6 months, and you should be able to achieve 100% over 6 to 12 months. The beginning periods will take lots of time, day after day, but as you are left with fewer hairs to work on, the time required will decrease and the time between sessions will increase substantially.

hi, hope I’m not wasting my time?! they never just slide out?! It’s more like the ones I feel are treated kind of ‘pop’ out after being tugged on…as opposed to the ones I feel I actually ‘pluck’ out on accident which dont have the sheath etc? I feel I could complete this task…if only I knew I wasnt wasting my time…any thoughts? If I have treated most of them correctly well I notice less hair coming back after this first clearance…or more like after the next one? thanks in adance for any comments

Some hairs will have a bulb that is larger than the follicle opening, creating the pop. You’re probably ok if they feel a lot different than the accidentally plucked ones.

It was a good idea to shave first. That way you are only treating hairs that are currently growing. You can clear all those hairs, but then the hairs that start to grow later will appear, giving the appearance that the first set was unsuccessful. After treating the second and third set, you’ll see a dramatic decrease in total hairs. It may take 4 to 8 weeks for each cycle, so it may be 4 months before you see mostly no hair and then you just treat the ones you didn’t get 100% the first time around. At least that’s been my own experience.

thank you nohair…that was the info I was seeking. I have almost cleared the whole upper chest area…the highest part will be a challenge, as I will have to use a mirror…goal for the week…finish upper area down to stomach…thanks for comments

Yeah some hairs will not just slide out without a little pulling.In fact the majority of the ones i treat have a slight tug before they “pop” out.You will know the difference between this and plucking though.

Dont you love seeing that clear gel sheath ? I always thought it was cool !

I have had great success with the One Touch and it saddens me greatly to hear of people who have not been successful. Yes, peoples bodies are different but I still feel that if it is used correctly the One Touch can work well for anyone.

The main things are using enough current and inserting the probe correctly. Using enough current encompasses a number of things such an adequately conductive salt solution, a high enough power level, supplying current for a long enough period of time and correct probe insertion.

The important thing that I have found is that the treated hair must slide out without any resistance. I can pretty much tell if the hair will return by this fact alone! At times, if there is slight resistance, the follicle will be damaged somewhat but the hair will return,although probably finer than original.

Coarse dark hairs also seem it be easier to treat since their angle and size provide for more accurate probe insertion. Light colored/fine hairs are a real pain especially because of the diameter of the one touch probe. I have however succesfully thinned the probes by placing them between my finger (or something similar) and a piece of 1000 grit sand paper and dragging it in one direction while rotating it each time I drag it.

Adding a foot switch helps tremendously, also.

The main thing is not how many hairs you treat in one session but how effective the treatment is since it is very frustrating to spend all of that time and then have most of the hairs return.

In most cases when I treat an area, I will have only one or two hairs return which are gone after the next treatment.

I have treated large areas of my body (with the One Touch) well over 15 years ago and none of the hair has ever returned.

ya, i zapped every hair, even the fine ones.

didn’t skip over the smaller ones

for my left arm.

however, i find it more rewarding to just do the large hairs and skip over areas. one hair here, one hair there, and not in any orderlly manner. I feel as if i clear the area quicker for some reason. my stomach/chest is the same as yours. Ill probably end up doing it more. i started on it but never continued with it. right now i’m still doing some arm hairs actually near the bicept and tricept before this next summer arrives:)’

speaking of which, i need to goto and figure out when my last zap should be. I’ll leave a full month of healing and no zapping before the average degrees hits 65:)

post back how its going! sounds like you got some cleared nice!

hehe, i’m done basically.

Moved on to lifting weights.

i got chest/stomach too but I probably wont bother with them.

bought a 35 pound dumbell for my hairless arms:)

I think i’m content for the moment. do i have to wear shorts in the summer? i think i’ll skip them all together this summer.

I am like you…I started then had to stop because of time. But the one touch works and works well for me. Where I treat it does not come back… I decided on this method because the “Nair” gives mne very bad iiritation on my bikini line and chest and other type of shaving are not effective. Better do it once for all!