question for those who have done eyebrows


Hi, I’m a 18 year old male… and I’ve read quite a bit about home electrolysis, and I only want to use it to remove hair from the middle of my eye brow (split my eye brow in two lol) and I was just wondering:

  1. has anyone ever done this by themselves (and had it permanently removed, meaning it worked)?
  2. what did you use to do this, which home electrolysis kit? because I found a few on the web.
  3. it is all that hard to just do it by yourself?

thanks in advance, and any other information you think is necessary for me would be greatly appreciated, thank you.


oh and how long did it take?


na mate, go to a professional for that. such a small area


Ive done it.Dont have the uni-brow but i’ve shaped my eyebrows with permanent results.

It can get tricky doing it reverse with a mirror but its not impossible.I would recommend going to a pro for a small area like that,though.


thanks a lot guys.