Question for the pros

In your entire career, have you ever had a client who has not responded to electrolysis? Curious!

No, but I have had more than a few who gave up before they started or only after two month stint. Either you really want this or you don’t. Certain behaviors are required to reach the goal.

Thanks Dee. Yes indeed it takes commitment and patience.

When talking about a lot of patience, it sounds like you need a little less to be the holy Job.
The time required to be free of hairs in a given area is one thing quite relative. Take for example, the forearms of a woman with an average density. You can eliminate 80% of hairs permanently in a couple of days. And the rest in a subsequent session in 1 day (3 months later). To some this may seem a long time, but for others it will be faster.
There is no possibility that the electrolysis does not work, as there is no possibility that a steak does not cook, if you cook in a pan and turn the fire. The question is getting the ideal way of cooking, dont leave it raw or burnt.

Some people do take longer than others - and if a person quits or doesn’t follow the recommended schedule, it can “seem” as if it’s not working.

There are also people who have conditions that cause new hair growth - in other words previously dormant hair follicles get turned on.

You always make me smile, Josefa. You have the cutest way of explaining things.


Some clients claim they did not respond and blame electrolysis for not working when in fact they did not follow the prescribed treatment program. The same can be said for weight loss and fitness training. Electrolysis requires motivation and the desire to see the process through to completion.