question for RJC and others

My problem is similar to hairy LA boy. I am 24, male and am starting to notice hair on my back and shoulders. It is small and thin now (but black) and only noticeable from up close, but I want to nip this in the butt before it gets really bad. I am Italian - my skin is probably III or maybe btwn III and IV, but probably III. The place I am looking at uses Lightsheer Diode and RJC seems to have had success with that.

Any advice on how much it might cost to have this completed and how good of a candidate I am? (by the way I wouldn’t object to having a nominal amount of electrolysis done after laser to remove what’s left - so long as it is not a ton of hair). I’m looking to do back, upper arms and butt. I’m just looking for advice in general. It seems that most people have had moderate to good success with laser, but the few that have had no results scare me. I have tried electrolysis, but it is just too slow and causes ingrowns. By the way, my dermatologist recommended laser over electrolysis (and he doesn’t do it himself) is this common?

Laser is generally preferable for those with light skin and dark hair who have a lot of hair on large areas.

For the names of practitiioners, try these pro organizations:

American Society for Dermatologic Surgery: Doctor Finder

American Academy of Dermatology: Doctor Finder

I would think the Lightsheer ET would work well for you. I am either a type III or IV. The Lightsheer has worked very well for me. I have very little back hair left and only a few stray ones on my shoulders. All the hair in those areas would probably be gone but I had to have my chest hair treated more aggressivley vecause I had so much to begin with.

I lucked out with rates because I was an existing patient when the doctor bought the Lightsheer. For some reason it took him some time to raise rates. So to have my back, chest, upper arms and shoulders done it was $1400 total for two treatments for each area.

There was a substantial increase so now it is $4000 for 4 treaments for the back, or $1000 per treatment. I still would get a discount off of that since I am an existing patient.
It is well worth it though.

I think you should go for it especially if the dermatologist recommended it.