Question for One Touch Users

I am considering using the one touch. I want to get rid of facial hair with it. I’m so sick of waxing and plucking weekly! My question is has anyone used it on facial hair? Is it effective? How did the skin react? Did it leave you red or bumps? My skin is very sensitive, and the last time i tried anything new (depilatory cream) i got a horrible burn.

I used it on my face before I bought a professional machine and I did get red bumps from it.
I have also found out since I started electrolysis school that I am extra sensitive to the lye in galvanic.
You may not have that problem though, just thought I should let you know it is possible and that I used the lowest setting on it.

I did my entire face, and it seemed to grow back.

this stuff on my face is much much harder to kill than the arm hair. I’m currently thinking of buying a good razor:) heh

I used it on a few beard hairs on my face. No bumps, no regrowth.