question for james walker.....; )

james, i have an appointment coming up for either laser or electroloysis depending on what i’m the best candidate for, and was wondering if you had any suggestions on what to ask or look for in the office. i’m not going to take hormonones under any circumstances b/c i feel that they’re not safe yet…? do you think that that’s a good idea? if you have any tid bits you want to add or make me aware of please feel free…and that also goes for anyone who has had experience with professional electroloysis or laser… thanks in advance <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

This site and our sister site are full of my advise on this subject.

I will only remind you that one must be sure to sample treatment from as many people as you can try out before you pick the practitioner you will trust all your work to.

Don’t prejudge the treatment by the office, or lack of an office. Don’t leave there without getting a sample treatment to evaluate the person’s skill.

It is better that newer computerized equipment be used, and that better vision and illumination equipment be on hand. Some people can do decent work without these things, but it is so much easier to do fine work when you have better equipment to work with.

I recently visited a friend’s office, and was asked to do some work there. Reduced to analoge equipment, circle lamps and no adjustable treatment chair, and practitioner stool, my speed, and effectiveness was in the tank.

I keep saying, put your favorite NASCAR pro in a manual shift Yugo, and you in a Formula One, and until you crash into a wall, you will be winning the race. I can’t compete with the standard I have created in my office if I have to use primitive equipment.

I would advise against LASER experementation, but that’s just because I find there to be too many if, and’s and but’s when it comes to what you can expect from LASER. Here too, my views are easily searchable on this site.

Good Luck