Question for James Walker/Gino Fior

I am considering electrolysis after years of unsuccessful results with laser treatment. I have researched this board and discovered that the foremost authority on electrolysis seems to be Gino Fior and James Walker. I would like to seek their services, however, I live in Louisiana. It would be hard to get on a regular schedule in light of the distance. It seems that being consistent will be the key to reaching your goals. However, I rather travel to someone who knows what they are doing instead of wasting money on someone who does not. Thus, the reason why I am still considering both Mr. Walker and Mr. Fior. Could you advise me of any electrologists in this area who live up to your recommendations? If not, then more than likely I will be contacting you in the future. Thank you.

I am sorry to report that I don’t know of anyone near enough to you to keep you from needing to travel. If I find anyone reliable, I will let you know.

If you did come up to New York, I am sure we could get you all cleared out in no time. We might also be able to co-ordinate some of the times when I am closer to you, or you could even bring me in special to see you at your place, as some frequently do.

Dear Tyler,

Please read the site: very, very carefully. This will help you find a competent electrologist. If you have further questions send me an email.

I am presently not taking on new office patients, but my two sons and daughter are. I am presently in semi-retirement, that is I am now flying all over the world, treating people in their homes.

My best to you,
Fino [color:“blue”] [/color]