Question for James W. Walker


I am new to this site, and have very little knowledge about electrolysis. From reading your posts and looking at your photos, I am very impresses with you. From what I gather you work in NY, about a 6 hour drive from my location. I am interested in having electrolysis done and would travel to your location if possible. I googled your name but was not able to find a website for your buisness. Are you taking new clients? Can I get some more info from you in regards to my particular needs? If you are not able to offer your services could you recomend someone in my area?

Thanks for any help you can offer,


I thought i just use this thread as i have a question too and dint want to create a new one just for one question so James or any other professional knowledgeble electrologists out there plz reply back.

I am thinking of purchasing this home microdermabrasion cream so to speak heres the link which has the details about this product:
also the silkia camellia oil along with it.

now my question is for the epidermx microdermabrasion product, can i use this while having electrolysis done?? if yes then safely and without damaging my skin how long before and after an electrolysis treatment should i stop and then continue with the product.

please reply back as i want to make this purchase by tomorow hopefully.

Thanks for your help <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

why don’t you send James a private msg? although, it WOULD be kind of tough to drive 6 hrs for weekly/bi-weekly treatments for a few months when you just start.

i dont think James accepts private messages anymore, not sure about email but you can try

Go to the electrologist referral section for New York. It’s easy to find out how to reach him.