Question for James..laser + electrolysis

In 2002 I had 6 laser treatments on my chin. After the 6th treatment I was hair free. Six weeks later, I noticed my hair returning with varied results (they were much finer, some blond, some dark and some stayed the same, etc…). I can’t remember, but I believe that the Epilight laser was used.

Next week, I am getting electrolysis done for the first time and am wondering if I will possibly need less sessions in this area (In 2002, I spent around $1000.00 on laser and would hate for it to have gone to waste). Although I am 100% sure of the laser’s mild success in permanent reduction, is it possible that I killed some stages of hair growth and the remaining hair is the last stage or two of already damaged follicles?

Moreover, I had one treatment on my lip and two treatments on 10-20 hairs on my sides…I don’t have too much hair, although there are some dark patches on one side of my lip, plus I have a few hairs remaining on the side of my face (maybe 10-20 all together)…So once again, I am asking the same question regarding the possibly damaged hair follicles.

Around how many treatments do you think this will take if I finish off with electrolysis?

Thank you for taking the time to read this…

can anyone help me with this??? please??

I dont think there is any easy way to estimate how long / how many sessions you will need as there are so many variables involved (speed of practitioner, kill rate, hair growth stage etc) I would have a few sessions and then you will be in a better position to estimate how long it will take.

Zak is right. No one can tell you what your experience will be without knowing many things including who will be doing the work.

All I can tell you is that if you gave me $1,000.00 you would be very happy with your chin right now, and we would have moved on to other areas already.

btw, Epilight is not a laser. It’s an IPL.