Question for James and Andrea about electrolysis


I have been going to an electrologist since october 1997.
I live in a capital city of a small country in South America, and she is one of the few to perform electrolysis.
I visited all the practitioners here, and she is without a doubt the one with the most modern equipment, the more responsibility, the best skills and the most reasonable prices.
The thing is… I can’t find anyone better than her, I know… and still, after all these years, I still am not done with my bikini area.

For three years I went there once a week, religiously. After all the time and money spent, I had to start going every two to three weeks. I have less hair, but I think I should be finished by now!!!

The thing is… she uses the blend method, I can’t detect any mistake or flaw in the way she works, she uses a high setting… but I still grow hair!!!

It’s been 6 years almost!!!

The only thing I could be doing wrong, MAYBE??, is that I tweeze between treatments, but I have to! as I live in a tropical country, have to be with a bathing suit all the time, and that shaving causes red bumps, ingrown hairs and even darkened the area.

As I still always have hairs to treat for the next session, and that sooner or later the tweezed hairs were, are or would be here to be treated, I decided to go on plucking.

But why won’t they never stop growing???

I don’t have an hormonal imbalance, I am rather hairy there, with dark hair, noticeable because I am really white, but I don’t have an hormonal imbalance, it is just a constitutional thing.

I never get scabs, scars nor problems with the areas she treats. I am certain that she is good, and the other electrologists I saw were BAD! Except for maybe two or three hairs during a whole 20 minutes session, I never feel plucked. She removes them with the tweezer, and maybe only 3 of them average sting a little, making me think that maybe those 3 were not killed. But the rest are ok! it is not like she is just plucking only my hairs!!!

I also have tried laser, and while it got me bare for about a month each time, the hair grew back.

My hormones are ok, so what the heck is going on? and what might be causing the unsuccess with electrolysis?

Yep, I have less hair, and less thick, but this is becoming non-stop, and the laser disappointed me because it really didn’t last and was ultra expensive (I had alexandrite, and it is the only one that removed hair for a while, the Flashlamp didn’t work at all!).

HELP! I need advice!!!

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If you can afford to go in long enough for her to get a full clearance on your area in the space of a month DO IT! You will finally get to the point of maintaining the area with nothing but electrolysis. You would have gotten to that point much earlier had you not plucked, and therefore taken hairs out of the growth and treatment cycle. You effectively hid the hairs from your electrologist.

If you can’t afford to get to full clearance in a short time so you can then maintain it with electrolysis at this late date, you will have to find a way to deal with shaving or clipping in between treatments, as this is the only way to remove hair, without taking it out of the treatment cycle, and not risking other negative side effects.


Thanks again James!
A question. Since shaving is not an option, I am thinking of clipping the hairs, but I do not know of how to do it (with what kind of product/ machine / razor like stuff?). Could you give me info on that?
Thanks :smile: .


You may find that a beard trimmer is good for a clip job. It is a tiny version of the buzz clippers used by barbers, but is small enough be used down there and allows you to “style” the area in any way you like.

check out our shave and trim section. Lots of discourse on this topic in there.