Question for IHH or any others that want to help.


You seem to be in the same boat as me. I wax quite a bit of my body and also shave my head. I have a couple of questions for you

  1. What do you do about, if you have it, neck hair? If you shave your head the neck hair obviously has to go as often as your head hair as visable neck hair without hair on your head looks weird. However, since I have been doing it, the neck hair has been coming in really coarse and much faster…now I feel like a warewolf. It also seems increasingly hard to shave the back of my neck as the contours of it make it impossible to glide over especially since I can’t see it when I am doing it.

  2. You seem to have waxed your body quite a bit. Does it get less painful, especially around the stomach area, witht he more times you do it?

Thanks in advance.


That is a dilemma, the neck hair… for me, it is a timing thing…

I get waxed, including the neck, up to the natural hairline… then, I go home, get the clippers out, using no. 0 (as close as possible), I trim my hair, then get in the cool shower to wash away the waxing, and then shave my head… I can then keep the smooth shaved look up for a couple of weeks, before the neck hair starts coming back… Then, I just let my head hair grow for the next few weeks, until I wax again…

Now, if you want to be bald-shaved everyday, then you will just have to try to get good at going up the the edge, or if you wear collars then it is not so obvious… So wear a polo top, rather than a T-shirt… wear collared shirts… I am not that fussed about my head being totally bald and smooth everyday… I can live with 3 or 4 weeks growth, and then the grey ones start getting me down, so off I go for a waxing and then do my head again… sometimes I will run the clippers over the head hair after a week or two, but don’t bother going to the wet shave stage…




As for the pain, it was never very painful for me, except the neck and the top of the chest, just under the chin… and this includes the inner thighs and underarms… The pain for me is just a few seconds… make sure the person doing the waxing is pulling against the ‘grain’ of the hair, and holding the skin taut… even offer to help hold down the skin or change position if it makes it easier for them, because it makes it easier on you as well… the girls who do my waxing think the elbows are the hardest part to get a good attack angle on…

If it does hurt, then just apply a bit of pressure with your open palm on the area… seems to work for me…

HTH also,