Question for Electrolysis Clients

I know the issue of whether or not to tip an electrologist was beaten to death on this forum awhile back but I have one question about it for the clients only.
Who here DOES tip their electrologist and if so how much (like a percentage of the treatment cost or just one standard amount)?

I really like my electrologist and lately I think I have noticed a few people tipping her. So I would like to also. Before I do that though, I’d like to get an idea of what everyone here tips so I can see what would seem right. Thanks!

I tip $10 for a 1 hour treatment.


My electrologist and I became good friends. We spent time after hours. I don’t really tip her, but I buy her coffee for every appointment. And I give her iTunes Music Store Gift Certificate.

Thanks for responding, I really just wanted to let my electrologist know how much I appreciate her work. She used to spend a lot of time just dealing with ingrown hairs on my chin and thanks to her now I have none and the re-growth rate on my chin is about 5 times slower than when I started after only 2-3 months of treatment. I tipped her $10 this last time after an hour treatment and she seemed really grateful and appreciative. Although I can’t do it every time (I see her for an hour twice a week), I can at least do it once a week or so. Thanks again!