question for electrologists!

Hi- I have done around 20 hours of electrolysis on my face and am quite happy with it (used to have 2 shadowy sideburns on the sides- unacceptable for a woman!) Now, I would like to start on my legs and arms.
My electrolgist says it should take around 5 hours to clear my thighs, but this seems and underestimation- my hair is thick and dense and goes all the way up to the bikini.
In your professional opinion, how many hours, and on that note- how many years- do you think it will take to clear thighs (by clear, I mean sparse enough that I can go to the beach without shaving!)
And arms- hair is heavy there too (almost like a man’s, but finer). How many hours am I looking at there and how long will the process be?
Thank you!

Your electrologist is the one who has seen you, and knows her or his ability. I would tend to go with the opinion you have been given, unless I saw you and did some sample treatment on your hair.

Having said that, legs are faster work than faces and backs. The hair is usually in neat little rows and columns, and it can be easily removed in flash thermolysis for the speediest epilation.

You can look bare all over your legs in 5 hours easily, and in the course of 9 to 12 months, you could be at the point of never needing treatment again.