Question for Electrologist about healing

It’s been a week since my first electrolysis appointment, and my skin is still pink and bumpy. It looks like I have small insect bites on the sides of my face. I also have scabs, but I am not worried about them because I know within time they will heal. My face is very pale and clear all over so it makes these bumps stand out even more. I just wondering why haven’t these little bumps gone away? There’s no scab on them?

I have followed my aftercare in every way. I feel like I’m going to have a breakdown if it doesn’t clear up soon.

Please, anyone respond if you have advice


Hi Sandra5

Your skin will heal. Continue good aftercare and report this to your electrologist. Ask her if you can stop by and show her what you are talking about. It is possible, even with those with sensitive skin, to have electrolysis and have the skin return to normal within hours. I don’t know the particulars about your electrologists’ skill level, probe choice and equipment used,including quality magnification. There are many variables that produce the outcome you are having verses an outcome that doesn’t leave you so distressed. What you report is not the fault of having electrolysis, but most likely pertains to skill and/or equipment issues. Give this a chance and bring your concerns to your electrologist. Today is not not too soon to call her.

It is no secret that I am a fan of the computerized professional epilator brands and great magnification eyewear like the a surgeon and dentist would use. The better the electrologist can see the hair follicle opening, the better she/he can minimize skin reaction. If the skin is reacting angrily, she can see the smallest change within the first couple of zaps and then back up the heat level or correct a shallow insertion,etc.

Again, please try out as many electrologists as you are luckily able to sample. You may still come back to the one you are using right now, but at least you will come away with a general idea of who seems to offer the better treatment for your skin type. You will find that the skill levels are very different. At the very least, you will find one that can see well no matter what kind of epilator they use.


Were your hairs coarse and dense tweezed hairs or were the hairs in their natural state? Bleached or clipped hairs slide out without much difficulty. Their roots have not been toughened by years of tweezing or waxing. In addition, is your skin moist and oily or dry? Drier skin shows less reaction.

As to aftercare, it is very important to let air get to the skin. If you must use make-up be sure that it is newly purchased from the store. Older make-up can be full of bacteria and bring infection to the area.

I would definitely let your electrologist know about your skin reaction. If the reaction continues after your next appointment, I would suggest having 15 minute sample treatments with other electrologists in your area.

I had the same sort of reactions when I first started electrolysis. The good news is it does clear up in time. I also have very fair and clear skin so everything showed. With good aftercare and a consistent schedule, your skin will be clear and hair free in time. I’m not going to say the process will be overnight, easy or anguish free, but if you are dilligent and stay the course you will be rewarded. Witch Hazel and tea tree oil always worked for me after treatments. Once the scabs were gone, I used a good anti-aging moisturizer with SPF 30. Sun protection is key to help the dots fade faster.