Question for Dr. Walker

My doctor said she would send my insurance company the letter that you recommended, and I plan on giving them no peace until they co-operate. Is it really safe to go ahead and get electrolysis done while I wait? What kind of receipts or records do I need to keep to make them reimburse? I don’t want to wait until they give in to start treatments because I’m pale with a black beard, and I’m sick of being afraid of people seeing it.

If you have the co-operation of your doctor and the iron will to force them to pay or face a breach of promise lawsuit, you need only keep full records of all the work you do, and your doctor’s continued insistence that the work is needed, and a part of full treatment of your overall condition.

Keep track of all money and progress reports from all practitioners helping you on this medical team working on your total problem that includes hair growth as a side effect. You will also benefit from letters from the doctors telling how the electrolysis has aided in their evaluation of your continued treatment in other areas.

Finally, never give the insurance company anything other than copies of copies. They will tell you to send them information and proof. They will demand originals, and they will say they lost them. You will need to be ready to show everything in court when you sue them for breach of promise. In many cases, they don’t settle up until the eve of the court case. They know they will loose, they just want to know if you are serious enough to push it all the way. After that, they want to delay paying as long as possible, but they will pay if you make them.

If I might suggest, ask your electrologist to record the treatment time and the amount of money paid on the business stationery. One months’ worth of work could be listed at a time. She should sign. You could also get a receipt for your check each time you pay. Be meticulus in your record keeping. Begin a log of everything you do. Put everything in writing. Send “return receipt request” or something similar to prove you sent important paperwork. Do not give up. It is worth the effort. Good luck.