Question for Blast


Blast, are you planning on stopping after the four treatments and monitoring your results, or will you be getting further treatments? I ask because I am planning on getting just four treatments on my beard with the Aurora and watching for a while to determine long term effectiveness. Also, do you think that by getting only four treatments instead of say 6 or 8 we are giving the machines a fair chance? And if I decide after a while(1 year) to resume treatments on my beard would I lose any benefits by having a long gap in between sessions?


It’s funny you ask this. It was the results on my chest after 4 treatments that prompted me to move on to another area: the beard. The practicality of not having to shave hadn’t dawned on me before and plus, I had a bit more confidence in the safety. I too am doing 4 on the beard. I may do more but after 4 treatments with the ndYAG I can see the law of diminished returns playing out. Are you suggesting that a lull in treatment will further diminish returns?

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I sent an email off yesterday to a respected Dermatologist and Plastic Surgeon in Vermont, who uses the Aurora for hair reduction, asking this question, and I await a response. I’m just wondering if the treatments are like having a Boxer in trouble and on the ropes. You want to keep pressing him and knock him out. You don’t want to give him a chance to catch his breath and clear his head. On the other hand, maybe it is not that big a deal to have a long space. I’m pretty sure that becuase of the three hair growth cycles, that we hear about, it is of utmost importance to have the first three or four treatments strictly scheduled to catch the growth phases. After that I’m unsure how important it is. It would be nice to test long term effectiveness and then decide if you want further treatments. Any Laser experts have thoughts on this subject?


Please let us know what you find out. Thanks! I will confer with the folks at my Doc’s office about having long gaps between treatments. Good luck and please let me know how the Aurora treatments go. That’s IPL right? Better for finer lighter hairs… I’m considering that for the knock out blow.


Actually it is IPL + RF(Radio Frequency), what they refer to as ELOS technology. If you want to see their website go to SYNERON.COM. I will definitely post more about my treatments. So far I am very encouraged. RJC2001 is having great success with the Aurora on previously treated areas, what you call the “knockout blow”.