Question for Barrester

On the Electrologist referal section you list three practitioners in the L.A. area. I was wondering why you went to different people, and if you thought one in particular stood out above the rest? Thanks.

Redhead:The reason I went to several electrologists was because sometimes I would have some free time and I would find my regular electrologist already booked. Then I would call around to find one that could get me in that day. I probably used over a period of time 6 or 7 different ones and I was satisfied with each of them I generally preferred a place where I could have 2 work on me at the same time; but that wasn’t often possible. I am male and I wanted the hair removed everywhere except the face.It was a long haul;but I have never regreted it. I will also attest to the fact it was permanent. If you have other questions feel free to ask.

So was there one that was “the best”, or were they all basically the same?

Redhead. As far as removal of the hair,most were pretty much the same. From the standpoint of personalities, some were more enjoyable to be around than others. They were all women and none seemed to have any problem working on men.One took pictures before and then again at a later time when the area was cleared. Another would wax the area after a session so it would be smooth until time for my next treatment which might be weeks away. If I had 2 working on me at the same time it was interesting listening to their conversation with each other as they worked. My only regret with the hair all gone is not being able to relive the pleasant times I had with the operators. Let us know how you progress.


How’s it going with the Aurora treatments? Are you ready to share your progress yet?


Thanks for the replies Barrester. I might have some more questions in a few weeks as I start to look seriously into which Electrologist I will use. Dee, I will post an update on the Laser section in a few weeks regarding the Aurora. I am done with the treatments on my face and have been monitoring the results. So far they are mostly very positive, but I will detail everything in a post later. Thanks for your interest.

Hi Barrester, I called and made an appointment at “Mary’s” due to your refferal, but the person who called me back about treating me is not “mary”. apperantly they have a few people there doing Electrology, and I’m worried that they won’t be as good as the person you saw, Mary. In my past experiences with Electrologists, they almost got into fights when I chose one over the other at a place where 2 were working on me at once in the beginning. I liked one more than the other, and as it happened, the one I didn’t like was the first person I talked to, and in her mind she was being cheated by my “betrayal”. I don’t want any drama, I want the best person there, and snice the place is called “mary’s” and you saw Mary, I want Mary! Any thoughts?

Redhead: At the time I used Mary, she was the only one doing electrolysis ,alyhough she had a couple of males that did waxing. Why don’t you ask the person you spoke to as to the whereabouts of Mary. I had heard by the grapevine that male transexuals sought her out; because of her reputation as to efficiancy and permanentcy. The person that may have taken over Marys place may be very good; but I have had no experience with anyone ther except Mary. Another good one is Janice who is located in Fullerton. Actually I was so anxious to get rid of the hair I was willing to go to anyone who would work on men at a time I was free to have work done on me. I never had work done by anyone that I thought was terrible. Its just that some seem better than others. Maybe its because some made me feel more relaxed than others. I felt awkward asking women to remove my underarm and pubic hair. I was not aware of other men doing that. If I had had the advantage of reading from a link like this I would not have felt so alone. Let us know your progress in getting that hair removed as well as your evaluation of you operator or operators.

I found a website for Mary’s which has a price list.

redhead - How was the electrologist you saw at Mary’s?

While their are a few electrolgists who work there, I requested Mary, herself, because of the area I am having treated. Personality wise she is great, and so far I am happy with the progress. In other words, it seems like the treatments are effective, and I am not being scarred.

Thanks for the quick reply. If you don’t mind I have a few other questions. Do the prices listed on the website apply to G-work as well? How long have your appointments been, and has Mary been able to clear the entire area in one appointment? I also read in another post of yours that Mary waxes the area as well. Is that included in the price as well?


That was not my post about the waxing, so I don’t know. She charges either 60 or 65$ per hour, and I get Lidocaine injections for another $20. As far as clearing an area in an hour, well it depends on the area and the amount of hair. You will need a consultation with her to determine how much she can clear per session.