Question for anyone who has had electrolysis

Hi, I have previously had quite a bit of electrolysis on my face and it hurt like hell at the time and I had to wear Emla cream and take painkillers… (and it was still painful). My electrologist said that heat should be applied until the hair slips out and the hair should not be pulled etc.

Anyway, this worked really well for me even though it was very painful.

I recently moved away and so am unable to see my old electrologist. I found a new one where I live and had a 5 min session with her. She worked on under my chin, I didn’t wear Emla cream and it didn’t hurt that much. I think she may have been pulling the hair out as well but I’m not entirely sure. Also, because she worked on a very small area, I can’t tell whether it worked or not.

I am not sure whether I should go back there and get a larger area done or whether I should look elsewhere. Can anyone tell me if they have had electrolysis that worked that wasn’t very painful and included some tugging of the hair?
Also can anyone tell me if under the chin is not as sensitive as the rest of the face and whether this is why it didn’t hurt that much???

Hi again,

I went back again to give it another try. I was worked on by a different person this time. And this time there wasn’t any tugging of the hair. Instead there was just plucking.

She applied a little current and then plucked the hairs out. The part that hurt the most was the plucking, not the current, which I found strange. Is this normal?

I didn’t think it was. I was booked in for fifty minutes but got up after twenty minutes of feeling extremely angry and excused myself after making up a lie about feeling ill. I should have told her that I could tweeze the hair out with myself for free, but I didn’t have the guts.

Oh well.

Yes, plucking can hurt more than the actual treatment energy. No, you don’t want to feel like you’re being plucked.

Would you be ammenable to paying her another visit to discuss the “plucking” sensation with her? I’m guessing that she would adjust her treatment plan or at least explain what is happening and you could go forth without feeling angry or gipped.

Sometimes, in the beginning sessions when hairs are in all different stages of growth as we work toward that first clearance, some hairs are more resistant or have “big bottoms” and may not release as well as we would like. Basically speaking, though, you should never feel almost every hair being tweezed.

Just talk to her and be honest and see how it goes.


I find that the newer machines like Apilus and using microflash is a bit less painful. I don’t think I can say that any electrolysis treatments I’ve had have been completely painless, but most were very very tolerable. But yes, if you feel plucking, then something is not right, especially if pulling out the hair hurts more than the current. It’s the current that usually hurts and you should almost not feel the hair being pulled out.