Question for Andrea

I have recently visited a beauty salon to do electrolysis.i had had a few laser treatments with a dermatologist before to remove fine facial hair that only made things worse-i am now all with coarse dark hair where i had no hair before. tat the beauty salon they told there is a new method available which is called least that is how we call it in greek.i have searched your site and everywhere else in the internet but i cannot find any information under that name. this method works with pulse light and they claim it can remove all types and all kinds of hair,including blond and red hair.that puzzles me a bit, because as far as i know, those kind of hair removal mathods, lasers, pulse light etc. work only with very dark hair because it is the hair melanin that absorbs laser energy and finally kills the hair roots. how could it work on blond hair then?
do you have any idea what this method is about and how it is called and if it is safe for the skin? because i think that if photolyssis can remove even blond hair, then maybe it is working with radiation or something similar that could cause skin cancer in the long run.

thank you in advance for your help

Photothermolysis is just the term used to explain how a laser, IPL, etc actually destroys the hair. It is not effective on any color of hair other than dark, as you understand, due to the lack of melanin. Photothermolysis describes how the melanin absorbs the heat and destroys the hair at the follicular level.

All true, However, IPL systems use a flash bulb per say That utilizes all spectrums of light which allows blond and red to be treated safely. As a laser works within one spectrum and one spectrum only… Multiple lasers are needed for different skin types and different hair types and colors. Lasers don’t penetrate as far into the skin. So it is difficult to treat pubic hair which is the deepest hair.
IPL the red spectrum penetrates deeply to treat such areas.

What would be the frequency of that red spectrum?