question for andrea

I posted a question similar to this yesterday, I was wondering how powerful a laser hair removal unit would have to be for home use. Since I have rarely read about anybody getting treatments with over 45 j/cm2 done, wouldn’t it be safe to assume that a laser hair removal unit capable of producing this ammount of power would be useful in producing permanent results? Even though global electrolysis may be a trashy site, if you would please just take a look at this and tell me what you thinki would be very greatful.

This might be of interest to you:

"BURLINGTON, Mass., Feb 19, 2003 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ – Palomar Medical Technologies Inc (Nasdaq: PMTI) and The Gillette Company (NYSE: G) said today that they signed an agreement to complete development and potentially commercialize a patented home-use, light-based hair removal device for women.

The agreement provides for up to $7 million in support of development to be paid by Gillette over approximately 30 months."

I have seen this already, but thank you. Still, I don’t believe that these companies will be able to create anything too powerful, due to the fact that they could get sued very easily. Im just wondering if the machine i listed above would be able to do what it said, or if it was truly just a scam.

One big disadvantage with a “do-it-yourself” kit would be that it wouldn’t come with a physician to operate it and choose the correct settings based on hair color/skin color/hair density. I’d be afraid of scarring. Also, I personally don’t think I have enough discipline that I could inflict this kind of pain on myself!

Puccini, the device you mention is a complete scam.

While there are devices being developed for home use, the only legitimate one is almost certainly too low-powered to cause a permanent result.

Andrea, even at 45 j/cm2 it is too low powered? How powerful must a laser be to acheive permanent results, (I know this may very, just a rough guestimate) and thank you for taking your time to answer this question, your site is truly helpful, thank you for keeping it running.

Puccini, that thing can’t do 45 joules/cm2. It is a total scam, pure and simple. Here is what Global themselves have to say about their bogus lasers:

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