Question for a doctor or dermatologist! Moustache anxiety!

Okay, so I had dark hairs on my upper lip which I used to tweeze, then got lazy (and too embarrassed to ask for help) I started shaving my upper lip w/ shave gel. Now, I’ve stopped shaving (skin is a little bumpy) and have used Nair and a wax remover. No matter what I do, I still have a shadow, a prominent, dark moustacche shadow on my upper lip! The hair is dark when it grows, and my skin is fair…It was never this dark before I started (stupidly) shaving it. HELP! I LEAVE THE COUNTRY IN THREE WEEKS AND I’M DESPERATE TO GET RID OF IT! I don’t feel any hair, but the shadow is still there! Electrolysis? Skin lightening? What? I’m in Philadelphia and would appreciate referrals, etc…it’s so frustrating I cry about it - it seems so stupid and vain, but I feel like everyone is always staring at my moustache!


The majority of the medical doctors know absolutely nothing about hair removal or Permanent Hair Removal. They are now doing hair removal for the cash only! They do not have to go through an insurance company to get paid.

I presently treat a dermatologist, with thermolysis, that has laser hair removal in her office and the mother of a dermatologist who has laser in his office.

Please read very carefully the site before you have any kind of treatment. It will help you find someone reputable in your area.