Question... Anyone Know..?

Hey… I really want to get electrolysis done on my whole body… almost everywhere… I was wondering how long this would really take… Like years??? A lot of years? I’m so impacient but really want to get this done… I know you’d have to see how much hair first but lets say I did my whole stomach… would that really take a year? That is soooo long… and if that would take that long then doing everything else too would take forever? Is there anyway to be hair free quicker? If I had more treatments or something? Also the electrologist I would go to is good. Hopefully I’ll be able to! Let me know what you think! Thanksssssss!!! XoXo Good Luck Everyone!

How long it takes to clear any area depends on the client’s hair problem, the speed and skill of the electrologist, and the frequency of appointments.

The fastest it could be from Bear, to Bare is 9 months, more typical is 18 to 24 months.

What you are talking about could be done quicker, but my guess is that you will be working on it for about 3 to 5 years to be totally done, although you will have the look of being done sooner than that.

Tray: Since you plan on removing the hair everywhere, I think a good place to start is on your underarms. It is a limited confined area and will give you smooth results within a short time. Based on that experience you will be better able to project the timed needed for other areas. I actually started in the pubic area; but I think Iwould have gotten faster results from the underarms . Later when I had the underarms done, it seemed that it didn.t take as long as other areas.In the end you,ll be happy with each cleaned area. Let us know how you progress.