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I’m a little confused… I spent about 3 hours getting laser hair removal done on my chest and all of my legs… I noticed some of the hairs got blown out of their sockets… (2%) which was nice to see… but most (90%) of the hair is exactly the way it was when I first started. I understand that some will fall out but it seems like everything is well into place and not damaged. Is that normal? Then some of the hairs look like they shriveled, but still in place… (8%) And now on top of all this, I’m wondering if any of the damaged hair will ever be permanent? :frowning: 1400 dollars is a lot of money to waste…

  Then I'm kind of pissed that I can't see the sun for like 2 weeks,  and I have to avoid it also for at least 6 weeks after that..   Not to keep complaining but I have a g/f who loves the beach..  I can't let her see me with shaved legs (which I had to do for this procedure)   ughhhhhhh    BY THE WAY,   they say girls can take the pain more,  and they must be right..  because holy cow I felt like I was getting a tattoo on my entire body.  (I hope I don't scare anyone)..  USE LOTS of that numbing cream!

You’ll probably see shedding over the next couple of weeks. The amount is highly variable, since people respond very differently to treatment. Just keep gently rubbing your legs with a washcloth in the shower once the redness has disappeared.

One of the biggest quack claims I see is that laser is supposedly tolerable without numbing agents by most consumers. I think this is a load of hooey. I recommend using a pain reliever on your first session, which tends to be the most painful because of the amount of hair.

Sorry you have to hold off on the beach, but definitely stay out of the sun for a couple of weeks after treatment!

Keep us posted!

If you stay out of the sun for 2 weeks (or use SPF 30) then use suncscreen after that you will be OK. After 2 weeks start with the SPF 8 if you don’t burn easily. That has been my experience and I have not had any problems. Do watch those first 2 weeks though.

I have relatively dark skin and am quite pleased with the result provided by the alexandrite and diode lasers, with the diode being better.

My advice to you is to cram in as many treatments in the winter as you can.

Which laser did they use? I have had noticeably less pain with then diode laser (Lightsheer ET). So much less pain and redness I was able to tolerate a higher fluence level. My skin is too dark to max out at 60J though.

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I forgot something else. If you have hairs that are singed down to skin level they may take 3 to 4 weeks to come out. This is normal. If you don’t have a lot of irritation or scabbing you can try a loofah to coax some of the hairs out.

Hope this helps.

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