Question about what you can do after a treatment

Hey guys, I am the girl who had gone tanning 2-3 weeks before my treatments and it made dark marks. Now they marks peeled off, no scars but its white! Its looks like when you had a sunburn and it peels off and then there is new skin.
Ok, thats my update, here’s my question!
How long do you have to wait before you can go tanning or to the beach? It it a matter of days or a few weeks? I think this has been on here before, not sure. Thank you!

The Doctors and all the literature on LASER treatment say you need to stay away from sun exposure for Six Weeks.

Personally, I can’t keep my clients away from sun worshipping for the 72 hours that Electrolysis is indicated for, but that is the officially stated blackout time.

Yes, this question comes up all the time, but if you want to look for something that suggests you can do with a lesser amount of blackout time, maybe someone can tell you something about their experience. Just remember, the companies that make the machines say 6 weeks.