Question about treatment 1 month later

Hi everyone, this is my first post here, but i’ve been a regular to this board for almost a year. There is a lot of excellent information here and so many people that feel the same way i do with all this excess hair…Ok so on to my question.

I’m a 25 yr old male who has just recently had LHR done on my arms (full)…I have fair skin and dark thick hair (on my arms and everywhere)…I was treated with the LightSheer at a fluence of 25 J/s. My question is it’s been exactly 30 days later and for the areas of my arms that seem to have had some sort of reaction, the hair roots still seem to be in place. Are they suppose to fall out? My arms look like they have little blackheads all up and down my arms. Since my hair is very dark to begin with, it looks very odd and it looks like the hairs are just waiting to grow back and NOT fall out…I’m kind of confused and not really understanding. Perhaps my treatment just didn’t have any positive effect? Maybe an adverse effect? Anyone with insight care to share??


Those are tombstones. Are they at skin levels. Many times, when a hair follicle is destroyed the hair will stay in there for awhile. It may take several weeks for some of them to fall out. Sometimes shaving with a blade will cause some of them to break loose, but not always.

25J seems rather low for the arms on white skin. If the hair is very coarse that may be enough fluence. I got no results on my arms with the fluence at 28. I required a minimum of 40J to see any results at all. Lower fluences did work on my beard though.


That does sound like a long time for the hair to shed, but it shouldn’t take long until those hairs shed. I know the feeling, you shave and they are still there, it looks like it’s stubble but it’s not. Tweezers usually work for me, but may take a long time to get all of the hairs.

I’ve been getting GentleLASE plus treatments at 28 jules, is this too low? You said you didn’t get any long term results until 40? I haven’t seen any long term results whatsoever, I just enjoy the hair free period it gives me. I have very deep, white skin, and dark hair. It is VERY painful at 28 jules as it is. Do you think I should advise my tech to take it up to 40?

Chuck, first things first…
Your only prolonging your agony…

What do you mean cuznit? After laser, it is acceptable to tweeze the hairs that were treated. If they do not come out easy, then don’t tweeze them, but after 10 days or so most of them should just pop out when tweezed without any pain because these hairs are shedding. Hairs that will not be tweezed easily were probably missed by the laser, usually you shouldn’t see to many of these if you have a thorough tech. You are not prolonging any agony, if there is pain from tweezing the hair it’s not ready to come out yet. Use your judgement, you’ll know.