Question about Tend Skin


Since i dont have cotton balls i just use napkins, do i rub the tendskin in or do i just lightly pat it in?? And how much should i put on??

Should it be just pat damp or like slippery amount?


According to Tend-Skin instructions it does not take a large amount. You don’t have to rub it in.

I have had the best luck using a foam sponge like the ones used to paint with.



Richard, I’ve used tissue and paper towels with no problem. It doesn’t take a lot, but I find it works best if I get my skin visibly damp. The only problem with napkins is to make sure to keep soaking the napkin as you apply it. They tend to absorb more than a cotton ball or the foam thingies RJC2001 is talking about.


Even toliet paper folded works better then toweling the problem with toweling is like Andrea said it absorbs way to much causing waste.