Question about spot size and fluence


My tech told me that you need less fluence when you are getting treated with a larger spot size. She said the larger the spot size, less energy is scattered and so it penetrates deeper, so that’s why you need less energy. I was just wondering if that is really true? Also, I am going to have my first treatment with GentleLase (I already had many treatments with Lightsheer and Harmony), but I’m a bit worried because I only read bad reviews about GentleLase, mostly people saying that it actually stimulated hair growth… is there anyone who had good results with it? One more question, regarding the spot size… I know the GentleLase has various spot sizes, like 18mm 15mm 12mm 10mm, so my question is: getting a treatment with the 18mm spot size at 18 Joules is better than being treated with the 10mm spot size at 25 Joules???

with GentleLASE, settings max out at certain spot sizes. for 18mm max is 20 joules, for 15mm, it’s 30 joules I believe etc. The higher you can go without burning your skin is better. everyone reports better results with higher joules no matter what the spot size is. the smaller the spot size, the longer it takes to complete an area of course so some techs would rather not go down on the spot size. that shouldn’t be your concern. I get treated with GentleLASE and now my treatments are at 30 joules and 15mm and work well (I’m a type II). To avoid possibly stimulating any growth, once again follow the above “higher settings better” theory and avoid treating any area where the hair is sparse or not dense at all, especially on upper arms and back area for men.