Question About Results

I have used this forum to answer many questions. I have a question that hope many of the experts here can offer their 2 cents.

I am a man and decided to have the electrolysis procedure on my genital area (a complete Brazilian is what i’m after). I don’t consider myself very hairy, although that is a subjective statement and I am a larger guy. I have received a little over 40hours of treatments and the results are far from what I expected. The technician has treated the same area several times without treating much more than 1/3 of the “pad” above the penis.

I have been out of my spa’s area for a while because of work and have let my hair grow-in. The area treated has no noticeable reduction in hair. Based on the information above is it unrealistic to have a treatment of the entire area atleast once? Should i begin looking for another place for my electrolysis? I’m not sure what method is used or the settings but I’m pretty sure it’s blend.

I know treatment is dependent on various factors and no two people are the same, but i would just like to hear some opinions about my situation.

Sorry for the long post, but thanks for reading.