Question about regrowth


Personally, I’m not too interested in total removal… I’m more interested in thinning out chest hair… but not only that, hopefully shortening… Really, I’d not be too bothered by the hair if it was shorter rather than seeming long and scraggly.

So was wondering if it tended to grow back shorter or not


How old are you? Is your chest hair in a sort of diamond-shape in the middle of your chest? The reason I ask is that you have to be careful about laser or electrolysis regarding chest hair on young men. Men in general go through a continuous androgen-generated hair growth pattern on their chests that starts out as that little diamond shape and continues to spread and fan out over the whole chest, down to the pubis and over the shoulders as they get older. So, getting rid of the diamond shape when you are young is going to leave you with kind of a bald spot as you age. Regarding the re-growth - hairs that are not treated fully can sometimes come back finer and lighter, maybe a little shorter, but there’s no guarantee on that. Hope this info helps - Ciao!


Hair sometimes come back in lighter in color and wispier. Don’t know about shorter.

One thing you might try is trimming the hairs to a uniform length and see if you like the look. It can sometimes give a look guys like without a lot of hassle.

Thinning hairs would probably be an ongoing project for the reasons hairfetish mentioned. Your growth area is changing, and will continue to do so for many years. You’ll have to make constant adjustments to keep it uniformly thinned.