Question about regrowth after treatment...

I’ve had about 5 hours of treatment on my chest over the past 2 weeks and am a little over halfway towards an initial clearance. However, over the past few days I have noticed little black spots on the first areas that were treated (nearly 2 weeks ago), and these black spots are ingrown hairs under the skin. There are enough of them that I do not believe they are simply hairs that weren’t growing during my initial treatment. Is it likely that these hairs were simply poorly treated, and are already growing back? They are certainly not any lighter or finer… I believe that my electrologist is decent, because I do not feel plucking very often… any advice would be appreciated.


Even if the hair was plucked, it will still take it 6 - 9 weeks (depending on the hair) to regrow. About these being ingrowns, you must actually see them growing under the skin. Little black dots that will turn into hairs in a week, are just new hairs that have recently entered the growth stage. And you have plenty of other hairs that are entering now the growth stage, and plenty of others that will enter it later.

Any regrowth that will come in, will take a couple of months to surface. And even then, you are likely not to be able to distinguish it with the new growth. If you’re getting good treatment, just stay the course and you’ll be fine.

Good luck!

Those hairs are not the same ones that were treated. They could be hairs along side the hairs that were treated and even a hair growing below the hair treated called a “club hair”. Please read carefully the site and it will clear up all your questions and if not let me know. [color:“blue”] [/color]