Question about process

Hey again,

I’m confused about the exact process of laser. Can someone please clarify?

Do you shave right before your appointment? Do they shave for you? After your appointment, are you allowed to use another hair removal method (such as shaving)?

From my understanding, you allow the hair to grow (for how long exactly?), go in for your appointment, and they zap the area with the laser, and then you don’t do anything to that area for three weeks? Meaning you have to deal with it growing for that long? What do ya’ll ladies do during bikini season?

Just some clarification would be nice. Thank you!

Please read the FAQs at the link below. We explain everything in detail.

  • We recommend shaving 1-2 days prior to treatment so there is a bit of stubble when you come in and they can see where to treat

  • Yes, you can shave after the treatment, but we recommend to try to avoid it if possible so the hair can shed easily.

  • You have to not remove hair with the root at least 8 weeks prior to treatment (if you normally shave and don’t wax, then you don’t need to wait). Then you shave, come in for treatment 1-2 days later, then you wait 3 weeks for the hair to shed.