question about probes

does anyone knows whether thermolysis and blend uses the same kind of probes or blend requires bigger probes which makes it unsuitable for fine hair?

In most cases, one may use the same probe for Galvanic, Thermolysis or Blend work. The exception are probes that have a type of insulation that easily breaks down in the acidic conditions galvanic and blend work create. Most major manufacturers of Professional Electrolysis Probes have gone to a default of utilizing an insultion material that is safe for both chemical based work, and heat based work.

As for size of probes, your practitioner should know enough to choose a probe that is about the same size as the hair, or one that fits into the follicle without stretching it uncomfortably. If the probe is too small, it will be LESS comfortable than a larger probe that still fits well into the follicle, because of the point effect of the treatment currents. You will find a bigger difference in what you feel based on the selection of a stainless steel, insulated, or gold probe. Most people find that Ballet Gold Probes feel the most comfortable.

Just a teeny correction, James - blend and galvanic create an alkaline condition in the follicle, not an acidic one. The acid is generated at the anode rod or patch, as my hapless patient can attest to with her patch-shaped red spots. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

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Thanks Friend. I guess trying to type at full speed while answering tens of emails on the fly in between clients and looking for a meal, and fluids gets the best of me sometimes.

Thank You Again.