question about probe length

Hello just a quick question.

if one inserts a standard length probe into a hair follicle, and the entire length goes in, is this ok. Bearing in mind that it may not be reaching the very bottom of the hair follicle.

The hair is still coming out without plucking etc, i was just wondering if in this typ of case, it is totally necessary to be using an extra length probe.



Usually, you would not need more than what is given in a standard length probe. You must be careful not to insert past the bottom of the follicle.

Hi Sandy1,

As James has stated, it is a very unusual that the entire length of a standard length probe is required to reach the bottom of a hair follicle. Going through the bottom of a follicle is not a good idea by any means. A proper insertion will stop at the bottom of the follicle which will insure that the energy released during treatment will be pretty much contained within the outer root sheath. This will destroy the germanative tissues within the follicle but inflict minimal damage to the surrounding tissues.

Going through the bottom of the follicle will release the energy into the very moist tissues surrounding the hair follicle. As the moisture gradient controls the spread of the heat envelope, releasing energy into the moist lower levels of the derma will give an exaggerated area of heat affect, causing a larger area of damage to tissues to areas that will normally not be affected by electrolysis.

Besides increasing the risks of skin damage, this will cause a higher degree of risks for infections, slower healing, and other complications compared to the results of proper treatment. Penetrating the bottom of the follicle turns a normally uninvasive treatment into an invasive treatment, with an inappropriate increase in risks.

Even if the hairs are being easily released with this type of treatment, this is still resulting in overtreatment and is not a practice that should be followed.

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My electrologist has had to use a longer probe on my fingers, where the follicles are VERY deep. Other than that, I think I have always been treated with the standard one.

What you think is a longer probe is probably just her loading the probe with more needle actually exposed. A standard probe would be long enough to stab its way down to bone on a finger.