question about mooming (waxing or sugaring or something)

so i got the mooming intro set. And i pretty much want to wax my legs, my butt, and my chest. (i’m a guy by the way).

so i tried it on a strip on my leg, and it didn’t hurt nearly as bad as i thought. but this is where i ran into my problem. and the instruction book doesn’t help. do i re-use the strip? i must because i only get like 5 and there is no way i can do my whole body with them.

do i wash it off each time? cause then it will take forever.

do i just rewax and go again with the same used strip?

the strip that i did do feels really nice and smooth and i think my girlfriend will love it. but i’d like to get everything. any help would be appreciated. maybe you could walk me through the process. i’d like to hear from an expert on this.

thanks in advance.

you can reuse the strip, make sure you apply the wax very thin so that the build up on the strips doesnt get too bad. when the strip starts being less effective or is just too gross switch to another. Dont bother washing the strips (no matter what the package says) either go to your local sally and buy some extras or rip up an old sheet or shirt. good luck

by the way what is mooming

Awesome! I have tons of old shirts to use! thank you very much!

it’s some all natural sugaring stuff. it’s called moom. and they refer to it as “mooming” in the instruction manual.

interesting you will have to let me know if you like it